Recovery in Lockdown

Are you in early recovery and finding the going a bit tough in the current situation…….fellowship meetings going virtual….missing the chat over a coffee with a friend…working from home or worse – out of work???

Is that sneaky voice of your addiction telling you that

  • this is not fair
  • just one drink won’t hurt
  • a smoke will help you chill out
  • there’s no harm in going online to have a bet/act out…

Remember…..don’t beat yourself for thinking like that, be kind to yourself and remind yourself that (a) it’s not unexpected that these thoughts will intrude at times like this and (b) you don’t have to listen to them !

  • Are you finding yourself not answering the phone to friends or fellow members?
  • Are you making excuses not to call people?
  • Are you avoiding the online meetings, telling yourself you’re not ‘connecting’ with them?

Please recognise these as danger signals and just another way your addiction works to protect itself.  You know what to do……

  • make the call…….
  • find an online meeting and join…..someone might need your input
  • put some effort into doing something nice/constructive for yourself……listen to or play some music/read a book/ do some writing……..


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