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    When one is able to fill the space in one’s heart and in one’s soul with the beauty and truth of recovery, then the need to numb the pain of life with active addiction simply vanishes.

Consultations are available by Zoom, Skype, Videocall or phone from anywhere in the world
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One-to-one Counselling for men and women who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food, or who are in recovery, but struggling with life issues.
Individual Counselling for people who are currently living with spouses, siblings or parents who are abusing substances or engaging in compulsive behaviours.
Support for people who struggle with issues of anxiety and depression, as a direct result of growing up in a home affected by the misuse of addictive substances and behaviours, and who perhaps are unaware of the connection between what they are feeling and what they have experienced.
Counselling for Couples who are working on rebuilding a relationship which has been damaged by addictive behaviour. Partners and spouses need significant help and support with the feelings of hurt, rage and shame, particularly in the case of sex addiction.
Intervention…..  a process, that with careful planning and preparation, can persuade an addicted person to consider making a change in their behaviour. The essence of an appropriate intervention is a planned, caring, non-judgemental approach, designed to break through the denial of addiction.

Talks & Workshops

for interested groups on the following subjects
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Addiction and the Family
  • Addiction and Recovery

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